Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Bold Opinions (On Madness)

BUSTED - AGAIN: Hunter Biden received $250K wires in Joe Biden's home
NOT SO SECRET: Mayor Adams named ‘Master Mason’ in secret Freemason ceremony
THE FIX IS IN: Chess Champ to Piers Morgan: Your Fixation on Anal Beads Is ‘Concerning
BEGGING: Colin Kaepernick writes to Jets asking to join team
YOU'D BE ARRESTED FOR THIS: Cher hired four men to kidnap troubled son
SO SOPHISTICATED: France moves homeless people out of Paris
NO MORE STRUDEL: Germany: Study shows former East and West growing apart
THEY GOT THE POINT: 90-year-old acupuncturist charged with sexually assaulting patient
DON'T TELL FUNKADELIC: Canada's Speaker Anthony Rota resigns after Nazi in parliament 


 YOGA MONSTERS: “How do you convince someone to actually become normal,...?"
UH-HUH, SURE: Prankster says he didn't know he scared man who ended up shooting him

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