Saturday, November 24, 2007

Duh: It's A Cult!!! (Part I)

"I've never been able to understand advocates of homeopathy. I just have difficulty understanding how otherwise intelligent people can fall for the bad science, the logical fallacies, and the magical thinking necessary to believe that homeopathy is anything other than glorified water, an elaborate, ritualized placebo."
-- Orac, of the medical/science blog, Respectful Insolence.

Check it out, numbnuts:

Cult: Homeopathy

Founder or Leader: Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (photo)

True Believers and Followers: Melanie Hahnemann, Past and Present Practitioners

Popular Slogan: Similia Similibus Curentur

Mystery - Irrational Belief: Dynamization - Potentization

Pecuniary Interest: Selling "Medicines", Tuition for a fee

Got it?


  1. Hunh.

    And yet homeopathy has been around, saving lives and curing illnesses, long before there was an official "scientific" community.

    It's funny how "science" is just now acknowledging the efficacy of what so many have viewed as "quackery" for so long. Not that there aren't quacks out there in the homeopathic community - just like there are in the AMA.

    I'll treat myself and my family with homeopathic remedies long before I'll trust those folks gettin' kickbacks from the pharmaceutical industry.

    That said, I'm also not buying snake oil from some ripoff artist on the internet.

  2. Sure.

    And when you can explain how water (pure H20) has been "saving lives and curing illnesses" then I'll believe you.

    And what the pharmaceutical industry has to do with the issue (of whether or not water is medicine) I don't know.

    So that makes two things you can explain before I can take you - or any other cultist - seriously.