Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Match Made In "Heaven"

"There is a strong lobby in the USA that opposes President Bush. He wanted to attack Afghanistan and Iraq. He had to justify that to his own people."

- Shakeel Ahmad Bhat AKA "Islamic Rage Boy" (above) who is photographed at many Islamic demonstrations, explaining why he thinks our president masterminded 9/11, in The Daily Mail.

So there you have it, straight from his horse-faced mouth:

Because of the nonsensically smug American Left, this fool thinks he's correct in opposing what President Bush is trying to do.

Just one sick group of crazy cultish-thinkers feeding off another, trapping decent people in the middle of their murderous madness, demanding to know why we won't give in. I'll tell you why:

Because, just like "Islamic Rage Boy", Leftists are nothing more than a bunch of high-profile idiots who know no more about the world - or what constitutes an education - than he does. But they know how to march. And they know how to yell. And they know how to make trouble, and to be a pain in the ass. They should be so proud:

Leftists and the Islamists, two groups that deserve each other.

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