Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nobody's Perfect

"Two years ago, federal researchers found that overweight people had the lowest mortality rate of any weight group. Investigating further, they were able to link causes of death to specific weights. Obese people had more deaths from heart disease, they reported last week. And thin people? They had more deaths from everything but cancer and heart disease."

- The New York Times

Sorry, assholes, but you lose - again - this time in your assumptions about what "healthy" is. Ever see the "fat" Marilyn Monroe (above) in Some Like It Hot? She was sexy. Women, today, want to be skeletal and they have no idea what attractive is. Does your ass look fat? No - it looks like a corpse - with a tramp stamp over it.

It's never been lost on me that my foster mothers never wanted to see me skinny. A man wasn't healthy unless he had some "meat on his bones" - not this cultish vision New Age strives for. People, today, have got Anorexia on the brain, like Aushwitz is in fashion.

So go on, do your Yoga or whatever to stay skinny, it'll get you in the end - as all things do:

And I'ma laugh at you anyway, for thinking YOU (of all people) could fool death - or change the facts of life. Losers.

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  1. Your writing makes me smile. i am happy that you wrote this about marilyn monroe, i my self sometimes get caught up in what today's society thinks is beautiful.