Friday, December 7, 2007

It's Just Tragic: People In Long-Term Marriages Get All Depressed If Their Spouse Is Caught Being Sexual With Other People (Whoda Thunk It?)

"[My wife] Kerry and I were having a get-together at our house. I went into my room and lay on the bed.

"The next thing I remember, Alison [Corin] was on the bed and we were kissing. Kerry saw us and stormed off.

"I put my shoes on, and thought, 'What happened?' It was an isolated incident which I can't explain.

"I heard Kerry tell Alison, 'Leave, or I'll have to tell Will'."

Mrs Corin later confessed to her husband.

Mr Baragwanath, who runs two holiday parks near St Ives, said: "When Will found out, he attacked me, continuing to punch me. I was bruised and had a cut to the left side of my face.

"Later, he said he wanted to talk. I told him it was just a kiss."

But the incident lingered in the mind of Mr Corin, who was in charge of maintenance on Mr Baragwanath's land.

In a police statement Mrs Corin, who managed a farmhouse at one of the caravan parks, said: "We started having arguments. I can't explain why I kissed Andrew - there was no affair."

At the beginning of June, the couple discussed their problems and considered splitting up.

They spent the night in separate bedrooms. but Mrs Corin said she woke in the middle of the night and went to the spare room to give her husband a hug.

Discovering he was not there, she found the text message. It read: "You are so wrong. I love you more than anything. Goodbye."

Fighting back tears, Mrs Corin told the Truro inquest: "I thought he was just messing about, and texted him back.

"I thought he must be in his garage asleep. I went in and saw Will was just hanging there from a beam in the roof."

Mr Baragwanath, a father of six, said: "On the morning he died, I was awoken by the phone.

"It was Alison - she was hysterical. She told me that Will had committed suicide. I drove to the farm, where I saw Alison sitting on the step, crying. We entered the shed and saw him hanging."

Cornwall coroner Dr Emma Carlyon recorded a verdict of suicide.

Yesterday Mr Corin's family described how he was tormented by the breakdown of his marriage.

His brother Tim Corin, a 49-year-old builder, said: "He thought something had been going on for a while.

"He was a genuinely nice, caring bloke. He was too caring - that is what led to this tragedy in my eyes."

- From The Daily Mail, reporting on the suicide of William Corin, who discovered his wife, Alison, was kissing his boss, Andrew Baragwanath.

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