Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Old Gray Lady And Her Old Gray Man

In a post I did a while back, called The NYT's Paul Krugman Is An Idiot, I described a scene where the clueless columnist was made to look like a fool by a bunch of Canadian healthcare recipients. Well, as you can see above, someone caught that very scene on video for the world to behold. Yes, liberal NYT readers, there's your Pulitzer Prize-winning economic genius when he can't find anything - like newsprint or a computer screen - to hide behind.

Now why, you may ask, do I still think Paul Krugman's an idiot? Two reasons:

1) Though the episode happened in public, the dishonest bastard never wrote about it - and the NYT didn't think it was news either - so they probably thought the story wouldn't get out.

2) The idiot's are still advocating for Americans to go with Canadian-style healthcare.

Learn from this experience, people:

Paul Krugman and the NYT are not good sources of journalism.

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