Sunday, February 10, 2013

Eat A Peach

Some jerkoff hacked into Georgie Boy's email account and uncovered the fact MY HERO™ is an artist; working on some portraits apparently, of the self-effacing variety I'd imagine a man of his outlook, and accomplishments, would likely indulge in. It's "just George." Take THAT, Art World:

On top of everything else, you've been after one of our own all along,...

1 comment:

  1. I'm not overly fond of the shower portrait (needs to work on rendering the human form a bit more), but the bathtub one is intriguing due to the use of color and line(because I am a color slut -- he's used in well here, at least imhao).
    Mr. President has some talent -- so much for the chimp jokes and all the other crap that man has taken!
    *I'm also kinda digging the fact that it took an e-mail hack to find out about it -- there's a lot to President G.W. Bush that has been very private, and not of the skanky, scandalous, but the good...I like that in a world leader (wish more were like that).