Monday, February 18, 2013

Remember That Perfume, "Obsession"? It Stank, Too,...

O.K., here's Instapundit - the most-popular-and-lauded (and supposedly-totally-cutting-edge) of the law professor blogs - with a Question Of The Day:
"IS FACEBOOK OVER? Bye, bye, Facebook: Americans abandoning in droves, says poll. I notice that my timeline moves a lot more slowly than it used to."

"I'm Starting To Get Turned Off To Facebook"

(You know where this is going:) That's TMR from April 20011, making it clear Glenn's "timeline," in reality, has actually already moved far into reverse.

Sigh. I don't know why I bother. Reynolds is simply not a Big Picture kind of guy, and so, probably pretty worthless. As his predictions about the last presidential election, also, showed: 

When it comes to blogging, if Instapundit's cutting edge, we're discussing very dull blades,…

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  1. 95% of the world is are clueless beyond all hope of redemption (and that's a charitable estimate; it could be much higher); now, of that 95% a percentage there groupings of people who have some grasp on this state of theirs, and there will also be others that have the guts to acknowledge said cluelessness -- this is what keeps the world from exploding in a fiery cataclysm of chaos and destruction -- that a small percentage of people are either not clueless as shit or at least know and acknowledge that they are.
    However, there is another, much larger, group that not only refuses to believe they are completely without out clue, but wouldn't acknowledge it if they were slapped upside the face with the proofs -- this is cluelessness taken to weapons grade...and they are constantly working towards the fiery, cataclysm, destructo shit (whether they intend to or not).

    This should probably be a paragraph in every religious/philosophical/scientific text ever written...of course, it probably isn't, but it should be.


    Thus we have the situation with the freaking brilliant Mitt Romney campaign, and this:

    And then this little darlin' from my own neck of the woods:

    to all file under "Thing That Should Probably Make You Go 'Hmmmm', ya think?"

    Which of course, people won't think, because 95%+ of the world is clueless...