Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In No Sense

This is John Prine. A new friend turned me onto him during my first year in high school. At the time, I never thought I'd like music like this, but the words got to me, allowing a glimpse at Prine's humanity and that of the people he sang about. He made it easy.

I found Prine's "Best of" collection today and bought it - flooded with memories of being young, dumb and homeless, but beginning to look at the world in whole new way, especially when it came to "adult concerns". This was my soundtrack. And I smiled:

 A prelude to the nightmare to come,...


  1. Dang, now you're getting into the "songs of my people" -- when I said I have a fondness for folk music, this was one of the dude's I had in mind -- the "greatest country western song ever made", "Barbara Lewis Hare Krishna"; it's funny as hell, and pretty much sums up a lot of things, at least from the side of the tracks I came up from.


    Truly, I have never heard of anyone other than the guys down at the hometown bar (and my dad and father in law) that really got into this stuff -- kinda nice to it being appreciated, and not in some "I have to because it's artsy to be retro" sort of way. (not that that's going to happen with this sort of music I shouldn't think)

  2. A dying Cubs fan's last request.