Monday, February 4, 2013

You Want To Play A House - I Meant A HAND Of Cards?

As a Republican, this can seem like such a no-news period, it's spooky. 

TMR's take is still - bottom line - this quiet, too, is the result of America trending towards rationalism, aided mostly by tightening economics. Which is kind of sad (it would be preferable we'd "get smart" by actively wanting better) but - when the subject's TMR to things finally working out for a change - we've little room for complaints.

Especially as Republicans, we've got to keep perspective. We're actually waaay ahead.

True, we're under Obama, but what are we going to do?

(No, we're not going to rehash our objections to Romney, except to repeat we couldn't go there.)

So we're here. And it's not all good and not all bad, but most importantly, Americans are getting better where it really ¢ount$ - in our heads:

Do or die, baby.

Money's too tight to mention, so something's got to give, right? And it's giving.


A much more accurate re-examination, at the macro - and micro - level, of what's what.

The Democrats can't withstand that kind of scrutiny.

Keep an eye on weak cultural foundations, no one can hear them scream,…


  1. I'm presently engaged in a running battle with people who are buying into this (even if they reject one of the practioners, they are buying into the thought process, or lack of thought process: perhaps buying into the "energy" might be a better way to describe it):

    In horse world you are guaranteed to have a full indoctrination/baptism by fire in cults of some kind or another, and it is mighty hard to make it out alive (literally) sometimes (that's not even taking the poor beasts into account -- their mortality rate is much higher, because they get turned into steaks, glue, and dog food).

    This latest go around should get interesting! (and yeah, thanks for the blog -- it's been helping me with arguments I wish I had made 20 years ago; oh well, better late than never).


    If the Republicans can pull their heads out of their butts long enough to go after this type of thinking; if they decide to go with the practical and the ethical and renounce the airy-fairy "oneness" crap, they will begin to see a turnaround -- they have lost a lot of ground and have a lot of people in their ranks with a personal interest in propagating the airy fairy...but now would be a good time to start...imhhao of course.

  2. And another trip down memory lane: Phish and Dave Freaking Matthews had quite a hold for a while on the college students in this was horrible.
    But a fellow instructor had a rockabilly band and a sense of humor, and used to have fun with them whenever the band played: "hey you guys, watch this...tonight we're going to be taking requests...who here likes Dave Mathews (or Phish)!?" after a moment, when a critical mass of co-eds stormed the front to get in their requests: "nah, just joking...we don't play that crap you dumbasses"....the faces in the crowd were worth taking photos of.
    In spite of their self-admitted mediocre talents, they always put on a very entertaining show.