Thursday, February 28, 2013

Everything's Going My Way

So I'm writing you from San Francisco, where I've finally returned after 5 years, to collect my things, see old friends, and celebrate my birthday (yesterday). It's been great, and I'm leaving for home today, driving a huge U-Haul loaded with my recording equipment, and looking forward to the work I'm about to create with it - again, finally. Lots of things are about to change.

In the meantime, I thought I'd catch you up on how everyone's latest favorite NewAge nut job, Laura Dern's Enlightened character Amy Jellicoe, is faring in her series' second season. Let's see:

 Still crying over destroying a relationship. 

 Still crying over messing up at work. 

 Still going off, and still blaming her completely uncalled-for explosions on anyone and everyone convenient, rather than her own immature outlook. 

 Which means nothing has changed and the show's still very realistic. Please make a note of it:  

I'll see you when I get my stuff back over the Sierra's,...

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