Tuesday, June 17, 2014

White People Are Now Losing The Culture War (Badly)

 I remember when I was in school, big butts, big noses - anything "big" that reflected Africa - was considered ugly to whites. They'd drive us crazy with their hateful comments, as they still attempt to do, today. 

They claimed to be so proud of their flat butts but, even as kids back then, we could see that whites were embarrassed enough - especially about their faces. The rich went away to get nose jobs (and otherwise destroy themselves) while "Say it loud - I'm black and I'm proud!" and "Black is beautiful" were just being rolled out amongst blacks. That idea, unlike their teenage beauty treatments, is what's survived that period.

The unwarranted hatred whites directed at the rest of us, is all coming full-circle now - with them as the "butt" of the joke. They really should've been kinder, and - as those inclined to become conservatives - raised to leave others alone, but no. White antagonism was the order of the day, and they were happy to follow through. They probably thought it would go on like that, forever. Not no, it was not to be. Say it with me - proudly:


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