Monday, June 16, 2014

The Hot Air Primary Poll Is Done (Good Luck With That)

Michelle Malkin's ultra-conservative readers have chosen a slate of possible presidential contenders, and - if you know her panting subjects - it's *exactly* the unimaginative  group of gangsters you'd expect:

The Right's demons, from the pits of Hell, otherwise known as: 

Scott Walker 

The guy who "worked closely" with Ted Nugent, has a knack for hiring notoriously racist staff, and - together - they all add up to the 2nd worst record for working with blacks in the nation. 

Ted Cruz 

The guy who shut down the government to prevent poor blacks from acquiring healthcare. 

Rand Paul

The guy who thinks The Civil Rights Act needs changing. 

Rick Perry

The guy who has a ranch called "Niggerhead" and recently compared gays to alcoholics.

Dr. Ben Carson 

The Uncle Tom who actually declared ObamaCare was worse than slavery. 

After this crowd, TMR can't wait to see who they choose next,….


  1. You've officially lost me, Crack. I've been a fan, but "Uncle Tom" is a deal breaker, akin to those whites who call whites who are not racists, who treat people as, well, people, "race traitors" You can hop down this racist bunny trail if you choose, but I'm not going. Over the years I've enjoyed your insights into the bullshit of new age, and thought it great you were willing to throw the bullshit flag on conservative pundits. IMO more speech is free speech, and the solution for bad speech is more speech, but to call a man an Uncle Tom is exactly as bad as Porch Monkey. Your seeing melanin of late, and not people, and I simply can not hang. You've got my support. If you're in a jam email me and I'll do what I can, but I'm not down with the race war. All the best.

  2. You know, Trumble, as much as it pains me, the best I can do is shrug. I know. Like your friend said, "that's not for you." You can understand Bush saying if you're not with us, you're against us, but no one else. You don't even expect blacks to do it for our families. That's what you, as a white person, expect of us. It's sick.

    You know I always need money but this ain't about that, and you know THAT, too.

    You're culturally delusional.

    Blacks being betrayed, by someone it's been long-established we can't trust, is just par for the course,...

    1. Dude. Do you understand how racist "that is not for you" is? Would you be okay with "The Ivy League, that's not for you".?

      Define "black". What is it, at bottom? A level of melanin? A culture? A shared history? Is there a certain tone where one becomes 'black'? Can one tan their way to black? Did George Hamilton get there?

  3. Yep - do you understand how racist 400 years of I-won't-stand-against-white-supremacy-even-if-it-hurts-my-black-friends (AND I want to fuck black women as I do it) is? You talk as though blacks invented any of this. Work on yourself and your own people and history.

    As you pointed out, if the rest of us stick together for protection, we can't count on you. You, who say there's no difference, but you're not comfortable fighting whites? Who's noticing? I'm fighting bad guys, and if they happen to be white - and they are -then fuck 'em.

    Define "black"? Ask Thomas Jefferson, since you worship him so much. I'll define it as the girls he raped and the skin he ripped during whippings. Celebrate that, this 4th of July.

    And you know what? Why ask me questions about race, if you know? Do I ask you questions? Do I sound confused? Troubled by my "racism"?

    No - it's all a one way street. I have to take it, and help white's see online, and hold white's hands offline, and what do I get in return? "Hey - if you get in a bad spot (AND WE KNOW YOU WILL IN AMERICA) you let me know." Do you know how many white people I know, who sit in a comfortable perch, looking down on my efforts to survive? And they want free advice. Answers.

    Do they band together, financially, and say "Let's get Crack out of this and see what he can do?" Nope - they like my struggles. Adds spice to their existence, I guess.

    Only 2% of Americans went to see 12 Years a Slave but - hey - they got me for free, right? True, I broke a finger this week and - out of the blue - my car got totaled, parked on the street. But who cares? None of it's connected. Slavery and Jim Crow didn't leave us broke, so there's no reason these kinds of problems should slow me down, right? I betcha they wouldn't - literally - imperil your life, would they? No, but you consider the natural consequence of mine. Fine Americans, white people, got it all figured out.

    The whole fucking set-up is a nightmare, and your major complaint is niggers won't fuck you. Geez.

    I like you, Trumble - you're not a bad man - but, really, this whole approach is a bit much,...

  4. I like you too, Crack. I know you to be a good guy, but this whole Teams approach to history and politics is a bit much.