Sunday, June 15, 2014

Pakistan's Female Prez Didn't Make It's Sexism Go Away

"Sure, Iraq is important but, you seem concerned about events closer to home."

Talking race with whites can feel like conversing with a child: 

Look at blacks who came to the US from the Caribbean. They came to the Caribbean as slaves much the same as those who came to the US,....

Colin Powell (Jamaican parents), Eric Holder (Barbadan ancestry) are two who come to mind,...

Yet they succeeded pretty well.

How come?

Were Colin Powell and Eric Holder separated from the Civil Rights Movement?

Of course, if whites read more than that one line from MLK's "Dream" speech, they'd already understand how a few blacks succeed in a racist environment while others don't. From Amiri Baraka's 1962 essay “Tokenism: 300 Years for Five Cents”: 

It's not over simply because laws were made to stop whites from saying "Nigger" in public.

At this rate, considering white's ignorance, it's going to be a long time before they understand where this movement is going,…

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