Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Benghazi Leader Capture Bursts The Conspiracy Theory & Exposes Who Crazy Conspiracy Theorists Really Are

In America few get held accountable when they're wrong.

The right's conspiracy theorists "screwed the pooch" again:

White people's ignorance can be so wrong.

Now - did America need the nonsense we got from the right - after we'd been attacked? The wasted time and money? The undermining attack on Obama's administration? Hillary Clinton? The paranoia they tried to spread? The fact nothing even remotely credible was treated as such? 

If I'm not mistaken, I think Ann Althouse fell for this one, too, BEFORE she started dismissing as a "smear" the observation (obvious to anyone else) that Scott Walker cultivateracism:

Whites became monsters because no one else has the power to stop them.

Her wing nut readership might be affecting her lately.

Evidence shows stopping white people is in their best interests.

It ain't easy - hanging our guts out there - that's for sure,...

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