Sunday, June 29, 2014

Are Instapundit's Readers Ménage à Trios-Having Sci-Fi Fans Into Fascism, Racism, And Sheer Batshit Insanity?

Over the years, Glenn Reynolds has been pushing Robert A. Heinlein's "bad luck" quote - hard.

It's a hard message for a man from Tennessee.

Just so we're clear - Yep, Robert A. Heinlein was a racist - and, not only that but, he was a racist who was once in a three-way with Scientology's L. Ron Hubbard. 

Come on, it wouldn't be TMR without that last part. 


 As we also know, The Tea Party is an offshoot of The John Birch Society, which Heinlein was into, concluding it was a "fascist organization" but - just like Reynolds - one Heinlein found preferable to liberals and moderate conservatives. 

The John Birch Society, too, lost election after crazy election, partially due to (all of) their embarrassing racism.

And now they're headed into America's political wilderness again because, with these roots, oblivion is where their "movements" have always (all) deserved to be anyway.

The last of our people lacking in grace,…

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