Saturday, June 19, 2021

Ann Althouse Is Concerned About Juneteenth "Pandering To Black Voters" Now

That woman has a racist underbelly like you wouldn't believe (Blacks don't have a righteous beef to her: we "bellyache", don't you know?). The way she talks about us, today, reminds me of white women who couldn't handle it, when we got first free in 1865, so they couldn't help but speak and act out. Blacks usually laughed at them as they went mad.

And Ann's still practicing full-on nepotism- and printing more of her son's useless, worthless, boring and uninformed BS - rather than talk to me about the racist bullshit she writes, for (what I know is) her cabal of racist readers.

She'll stick to Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, and the rest of the Uncle Toms that real blacks don't talk to, or interact with.

With friends like these,...real blacks got no friends.

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