Saturday, June 19, 2021

Conservative Whites Encourage Some Blacks (To Make Fools Of Themselves)

What do "two medical degrees" have to do with oppression? How do you have a "family" but no family tree?  Donald Trump can go to Yurp and visit the exact village his family grew up in - he can show you his family's coat of arms - what American black family can say that? Even if one (1) member - after 400 years of blacks being here - has two medical degrees? How many medical degrees could we blacks have acquired, without this place's bullshit, being put upon our family of blacks? Was that the result of oppression? Who killed Martin Luther King, Jr? Was that the result of oppression? Could you have gotten farther without him being murdered? Is that oppression?

What do you say when whites show you thier family tree - and you (and every other black you know) ain't got one? "That's nice"? ("Where's mine"?) Why do American whites have a complete family history and you (along with millions of others) don't, you unthinking asshole? Where was the family resources for them - not your narcissistic ass - to succeed?

Fuck blacks who will stand in a room full of whites, trying to make their ignorant, violence-prone asses happy, with this bullshit. Stand in a room full of blacks - where you'll be challenged - and say it. Otherwise, you got NO credibility.

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