Sunday, June 20, 2021

Guess Who My Wife's Homeopath Quickly Introduced Her To After She Left?

The cult leader, Ken Wilber


 And here's Bill Clinton  - the rapist - admitting he uses Ken Wilber to manipulate his political supporters.
Here's another of Ken Wilber's books, One Taste
And here's Nicole Daedone, the San Francisco cult leader and rabid Hillary Clinton supporter (since investigated by the FBI) who Bill Clinton would love - for turning Wilber's book into a sex cult.
"When it is suggested that [Hillary Clinton] sounds as though she's trying to come up with a sort of unified-field theory of life, she says, excitedly, "That's right, that's exactly right!" She is,...looking for a way,...that would tie together practically everything"
And that's how the Democrat Party, and NewAge cults, turned an unknowing black guy's life - and American politics - into a most horrifying ordeal for probably the rest of all time: 

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