Thursday, June 17, 2021

The Democrat Party Is As Empty As The "Homeopathic Preparations" They've Made Available For Sale (Right Next To The Real Thing On Pharmacy Shelves)


The Democrat Party has done wrong, after wrong, after wrong - with crimes including rape and murder - but, now, with their always-at-the-ready (but equally-horrendous) excuse being "Donald Trump".
To themselves, and America's so-called "journalists" (who are performing just as badly, if not more so) "Donald Trump" is almost always acceptable - for anything - and, so much so that, the Democrat Party is, apparently, getting away with almost everything. For a while.
To TMR, the wait (to see how long the Democrats can make nonsense "work") is just a replay - from their long-established Alice-In-Wonderland playbook - coming after the wait for "the party of Science" to realize (again) that UFOs are bullshit, or the wait for their support over SCAM (so-called alternative medicine) to fail, because there's also nothing to that, either.
Nothing to it, except for the risk of Oprah's (and the Clinton's) totally narcissistic and bogus Whole Foods "spiritual" leftwing NewAge Nazi worldview - that the Democrat Party's adopted - potentially collapsing their whole political operation.
You read that right.
TMR suggests packing for the "journey" the NewAge Nazis are taking America and the world on, because - when it comes to madness - cult members have always been, quite obviously, more-than-willing to "go the distance", to protect themselves, from facing their crimes.

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