Saturday, June 19, 2021

Black's Critics Are Great (The People Whites Trust Are The Most Untrustworthy)

Glenn Reynolds - he once wrote, publicly, of his desire to run blacks down with his car. I've never done (or wrote) anything like it, but people don't speak to me. He's the King of the Hill for it.
Bill Maher - an anti-vaxxer (and conspiracy theorist) who's never been seriously taken to task for it because he backs conservatives sometimes. Think about that: they back a conspiracy theorist.
Andrew Sullivan - a conspiracy theorist and astrology fan who still (somehow!) gets work (and regularly quoted) like a normal person. 

Face it: intellectual discourse, online in America, is nothing more than a popularity contest amongst white gate keepers - not a clash of ideas - because only the ideas of racial white fruitcakes get in.

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