Monday, June 21, 2021

A Douche Is Demanding A Debate With A Dummy (To Do Dialogue A Disservice)

This smiling douche is Chris Rufo. He's smiling because (like a lot of white people) he thinks he's clever. He thinks that because he's challenged an idiot - NBC's Joy Reid - to a debate on race. But debating an idiot on race doesn't make any kind of statement on America's race issues (unless you want to talk bad schooling in the U.S.). At best, it'll make a statement about idiots, appearing on American television: TMR has no idea why Joy Reid even has a job). 

If this douche wants to impress TMR, racially, he should try debating someone who is NOT an idiot, or in the media very often - like Ta-Nahisi Coates or Bryan Stevenson or The Crack Emcee. Black people, who *official white defenders* avoid, because the challenge is too great.

 Somehow, we don't think he'd maintain that smile, very long.

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