Friday, April 30, 2010

You Betta Recognize

"The American president has the power to control America's borders if he wants to, but George W. Bush and Barack Obama did not and do not want to, and for the same reason, and we all know what it is. The fastest-growing demographic in America is the Hispanic vote, and if either party cracks down on illegal immigration, it risks losing that vote for generations.

But while the Democrats worry about the prospects of the Democrats and the Republicans about the well-being of the Republicans, who worries about America?

No one. Which the American people have noticed, and which adds to the dangerous alienation—actually it's at the heart of the alienation—of the age."
That's Peggy Noonan, not mentioning what "age" - exactly - we're in. I could help with that (ask Oprah, Peggy!) but I was more fascinated by this quote:

"Why does the federal government do this? Because so many within it are stupid and unimaginative and don't trust the American people. Which of course the American people have noticed."
See? I'm not the only one who sees stupidity, specifically, out there. But "unimaginative"? How can that be? Hillary Clinton was cult schooled by Jean Houston! Bill Clinton was cult schooled by Ken Wilber! Barack Obama was cult schooled by Oprah!

And Oprah was cult schooled by Eckhart Tolle, Rhonda Byrne, Marianne Willaimson, James Arthur Ray (seen above) and a whole host of other cultish charlatans! These folks are "enlightened"! What do you mean they're "unimaginative"? They've got someone telling them what to do all-the-time - before they even tell you what to do, or what they're going to do to you! That's the "age" we're in. The stupid age.

And it's all 100% new. To politics.

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  1. Brilliant blog, brilliant commentary. Offbeat, but brilliant.