Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kids, Until You Get Pissed, Nothing Will Change

"The status quo cannot hold.

Even if it does for another couple of months or years.

The Baby Boom generation has screwed my generation. Royally."

-- Monday, apparently just getting a clue - and resolving to just keep talking about it - because, apparently, that's what it means to be the Monday Morning Clacker.

Look, I feel compelled to say this:

I am not a member of the Baby Boom, above - I am a member of the Baby Boom's little brother, AKA Generation Jones (Find the tag). I am the one who got to watch the Baby Boomers make all their mistakes - and vowed not to repeat them. I am not a hippie. I am not spiritual. I honored the wisdom of my post-slavery/Civil Rights-era foster parents, and (using their good sense) I did not vote for Obama. The color of a man's skin can not sway me, because that would be racism, and I love my country too much not to be able to see through that stupid obsession. You feel me?

I think it's important for the young people of today to stop such foolishness - all of it - NOW. You have been handed a tremendous burden, but it's not insurmountable if you are prepared to act. You have been handed a different kind of 9/11. Your battle is against those who think they are clever. Your job is to stop the charlatans, stop the NewAgers (that would be people like Oprah and Shirley MacLaine) kick the Democrats out of office and, if necessary, impeach Obama for crimes against the state - really, crimes against you - but, ultimately, crimes against the United States of America.

Obama's crime? Believing as the twisted Baby Boomers have. He, too, is a member of Generation Jones. He was supposed to be different. He was supposed to have led us away from the Boomer's world view, but he never had any intention of doing so. It was all lies. I know: As their little brother, I was kept at arms length as they did what they wanted to do. I saw the whole thing - and it was wrong.

So, I beg you, gather yourselves, gather your courage, and gather your strength. It's finally time to stand up and be counted. Don't be deterred by calls to be peaceful. That is a ruse to keep you complacent. Don't be deterred by calls to be "open-minded". That is a ruse to mean anything still goes. You must be determined to get this country back on track. You must know - and this is still true - that you live in The Greatest Country On Earth and it's worth saving. Along with your bank accounts.

But you must also accept that it has been ran now, for decades, by idiots. Idiots who doubted this country's greatness from the moment they were born. They looked to the French, or to India, or the Canadians, or gurus. Anyone but the people who actually built this place and made it into the nation they inherited.

Don't be like them. You must vow not be stupid, but to be proud. You must vow not be ironic, but to be straight-forward. You, too, are Americans - and that is our way. This is your country and, more importantly, this is your future. And you, now, are what this political battle is all about. Sincerely, nobody's told you, but you have been all along.

And that's the truth.

I'm with you.



  1. You know, for a blog that's ostensibly railing against 'belief' (as opposed to simple 'truth' and 'fact'), that's some dead set woolly thinking right there.

    Don't be peaceful, kids, be a violent chucklehead like yer old Pa. That's the way. Let's not even dream of things like cooperation, love, forgiveness. Good old Crack has been wronged and he wants you all to join his revolution.

    Let's turn on the President of this nation for 'crimes'. Treason? Lying under oath? Illegal spying and wiretapping? Oh deary me no, that would probably be manly and stuff. We're talking about going on Oprah here.

    And said without irony too.

    Our forefathers fought for democracy and, kids, that don't mean a two party system, that means letting your own side get away with blue murder and then turning on the other guy as soon as he dares take his turn at the wheel. It's kind of like a democracy, only you just let one side govern all the time.

    You want change after seven months yet people had to sit back and watch old geezers take and take and take for eight years. Geezus.

    Here's a challenge, Crack Emcee, with all your 'tear it down' mentality, your petty puerile partisan pap: what would you do - to fix the economy, to 'restore pride'? You're good at excusing incompetence and wastefulness on one side and pouncing on the alternatives who haven't even had a shot yet.

    Why should people listen to you? What good would you do, big mouth?

  2. Speaking of things being said without irony - Next on Oprah, the president explains:

    "We're going to increase the number of people covered and lower costs at the same time."

    "It's going to save money, but we need to raise taxes to pay for it."

    "If you like what you've got, you can keep it."

    Shit, man, even I could do better than that. And you make the other guy's "turn at the wheel" sound so benign - like the mainstream media apparatus isn't in on the game at all - it's all one big display of fair play out there, right? Yea, sure. Only a Democrat would think anybody could be happy living under such a lie.

    Somebody probably needs to hit you with a rock of crack, yourself, just to wake you up.

  3. Oh - and about "the alternatives who haven't even had a shot yet" - yes they have, I lived through them (minus the Chinese-style media apparatus):

    They were called The Carter Years.

  4. Rooting for your own team to fail, CMC?

    That's not very patriotic.

  5. Another thing those "old geezers" did for eight years was to prevent further terrorist attacks in the United States. Or maybe the bad guys just changed their minds and decided that we weren't worth the glory of all that paradise to come. I wouldn't bet my bailout money on the latter, though.

  6. It worked for ItalyAugust 10, 2009 at 3:15 PM

    "Fascism is a system of political authority and social order intended to reinforce the unity, energy, and purity of communities in which liberal democracy stands accused of producing division and decline... a form of political behavior marked by obsessive preoccupation with community decline, humiliation or victimhood and by compensatory cults of unity, energy and purity, in which a mass-based party of committed nationalist militants, working in uneasy but effective collaboration with traditional elites, abandons democratic liberties and pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal restraints goals of internal cleansing and external expansion."

  7. Korshunov, of course you're right. Because all those other presidents were helplessly sustaining attacks on American soil until Bush II came along.

    Lucky he had his eye on the ball, isn't it?

  8. Give me a break,

    I think it's hilarious when critics, including Obama - who did everything in their power to sabotage Bush - claim that anyone who doesn't care for Obama's liberal agenda is "Rooting for your own team to fail". Tell me: What were you guys doing for the last 8 years? Oh, I remember: being patriotic. And, since I've only been at this for about a year, or so, you're naturally more patriotic than I am, right? Sure. (More of a hypocrite is more like it.) At least I never entertained killing the man like y'all did.

    It worked for Italy,

    You guys will say anything to maintain the status quo - you ain't fooling me: Fuck all y'all.

    Pissed alright,

    Funny how you guys always leave out the EIGHT YEARS of Clinton - when Al Qaeda was attacking us, like, every weekend - out of your assessment of who was doing due diligence. That first 8 months of Bush is always more important - like nothing came before that - buit, seeing how that's the way you think, it also destroys any credibility you have in discussing the issue:

    You're a liar, and a cheap-shot artist, but, unfortunately for you, I know what happened and I ain't biting.

    Go fuck yourself.

  9. P.A.said
    "Korshunov, of course you're right. Because all those other presidents were helplessly sustaining attacks on American soil until Bush II came along.

    Lucky he had his eye on the ball, isn't it?"
    You may have won Randi's Million dollar challenge my friend, because you read my mind. That was exactly what I was going to say-minus the sarcasm. Lucky indeed comrade.

  10. Crack, happy to be corrected. Please point to site that lists all the al-Qaeda attacks under Clinton. Also: evidence that security report was issued beforehand and ignored (as per 9/11)

    And you can fuck yourself too, you violent, misogynistic, biased cretin.
    But those Beatnigs are well ashamed of you.

  11. Originally posed as a statement, here again as a question: Why were there no attacks on American soil from 9/11/01 until now? (no fair changing the subject by moving back to pre-GWB eras. President Clinton isn't the topic here). Thoughtful answers only. Extra points if you can express yourself without profanity!

  12. Good one, my Russki friend. Here is that requested timeline of al Qaeda bastardry, showing attacks before, during and after.

  13. Thanks for the link Hiram. Oh, and by the way, I'm American, not Russki (although,I was born in San Francisco so maybe I'm a Commie by default!)