Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's Time To Stop Clowning - Or Getting Clowned - By Punting That Little Green Football Over Here

"Clearly (Jones) wasn't vetted. All (the White House) had to do was go and ask a couple of questions in San Francisco about this individual."

--Kimberly Guilfoyle, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's ex-wife and a Fox News commentator, on the White House's 9/11 Truther - who has the full support of San Francisco's Mayor - fitting, perfectly, with the portrait I've been painting of the "lunatic mainstream", and the environment they dwell in, which is covered by The San Francisco Chronicle.

Now why in the world would a black guy, who's leading a wacky political cult, thoroughly vet a black guy from San Francisco talking crazy talk? That makes no sense at all. How long is it going to take, for those who are sane amongst you, to understand how crazy people think? From top to bottom, these people have "atrocious judgment" because that's what they value - it's seen as an asset - so the idea they'd think something was amiss because someone was nuts is insane (or something like that.) "Crazy" is their default position. It's sanity itself that's suspect to this crowd. Got that?

I have to shake my head as I read my buds, Little Green Footballs' Charles Johnson, questioning the scruples of Glen Beck as Beck digs into these guys. I've never been a big Beck fan, but I know what he's doing and I approve:

CJ makes fun of all this "sekrit communist propaganda" by saying "Glenn Beck Does the Rockefeller Boogie", but it's not so funny once you discover the brilliance of Van Jones - the man who's been openly working to create "a multiracial socialist utopia" - earned him a Rockefeller grant. Call me a stupid peasant, but the only questions I have for CJ are:

"Is Beck right or wrong about the symbolism in Rockefeller Center?"


"What were Rockefeller's political sympathies?"

Put aside all your John Birch Society criticisms, or your fears about a McCarthyite "witch hunt" mentality running wild (sorry, Buds, but, when these guys have the White House, I think it's long past time for it) or, especially, your continual jokes about Beck's pouty face, and just cut to the chase. I'm "just a guy" out here and Beck's been found to be correct about Jones - and, to your applause, lost a lot of advertisers for his efforts - but is he (and, yea, the rest of us who are digging below the surface these people are projecting) right?

As the saying goes, "inquiring minds want to know,..."


  1. Glad I've found you via a comment you made at Ann Althouse.

    I used to link to LGF, until something happened over there -- and I'm still not certain what it was. I still visit,read it, and agree with a lot of LGF, but I'm just about convinced that CJ's biggest problem is he's far more afraid of fringe Christianists and wacko conspiracy theorists (there's a Venn diagram to those categories) than he is of the actual funded, organized and radical socialist/fascist agenda being played out in right in front of him.
    While I too am not a big fan of Beck, it mostly has to do with his theatrics. But if his theatrics make people aware of what the rest of the MSM is largely ignoring or covering up, then 'good on him'.

  2. Glenn will not fall: Glenn has a lot to say and it's for the good of Freedom. We are a free nation and anyone who is trying to turn us into a communist country...I do not stand for-Sorry.

  3. Democracy in DissentSeptember 7, 2009 at 9:02 PM

    So you were 'free' when the government permitted illegal wiretaps and took a note of what books people were taking out of the library. 'Free' when the the secret service profiled protesters and broke up groups whose agenda differed with that of the administration. Right.

    I think you have a very tenuous and selective view of what freedom is frankly. It's not on either mainstream right or left and all you are really doing is squabbling among yourselves while the govt. of the day gets to set their own plan into play.

    The real question is do you want the bulk of taxpayer money spent on incentive spending for corporations - a kind of 'quasi-socialism for the rich' - or on things that have more universal benefit, like healthcare.

  4. Doofus,

    Nobody's against fixing healthcare but letting the government take it over is silly. They already have control of the healthcare of veterans and it sucks. Let 'em fix that, first, and then apply it to the rest of us.

    Putting the cart before the horse is never a good way to get anywhere,...

  5. Democracy in DissentSeptember 9, 2009 at 4:19 PM

    This suggests that the healthcare system under private enterprise does work efficiently. You only have to walk out on the street and do a random poll sample of those who've suffered any kind of health scare to know this is not so.

    What tends to happen is you pay massive premiums or go uninsured because you can't afford to pay.

    There's a time for playing politics and there's a time to bag your head. I have a bag if you'd like one or shall I send round all those who've suffered under a corrupt and inadequate healthcare system and they can give you one of theirs?

  6. First, when 90% of those polled say they're happy with their healthcare as it is, it puts the lie to the idea there's a crisis that only the Democrats can deal with.

    Second, if you hate corporations then you're a hypocrite - who do think made the computer you're wailing against corporations on?

    Third, not too long ago I had a medical problem. I went to the hospital with no insurance, had done what I needed and paid the bill. I still don't have health insurance and would deal with whatever else came up in the future in the same way. Is it expensive? Yep, but, like most people, I'm not in need of medical care very often so I'll foot my own bills just like I do my food and everything else. Why should someone else? It makes no sense.

    Forth, you're a typical liberal, letting your ideology trump common sense. As my description of my own situation proves, you don't understand anything but sob stories designed to put more government in our lives. I'm willing to care for those in need but the rest of you losers better learn to appreciate work because that's how Americans make their way in this world - and it's done us just fine until the hippies came along and decided laziness was a lifestyle.

    Fifth, and last, I've lived in Europe and had a reason to use the medical care in Canada (aqnd traveled in Canada quite a bit) and I wouldn't trade places with the citizens of either for anything. People like you don't know how lucky you are and, in my opinion, should go live in these other places (like go live in France in someplace other than Paris) to see how wonderful they have it compared to us. There is no comparison. Why do you think so many celebrities are always saying, when a Republican gets into office, they're going to leave and then never do? Because they know better - but they make a healthy dollar lying to people like you about our country.

    You're a tool, DID, a total fucking tool.

    Use your head, man.