Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Highways Are Racist (The Houses Are Racist, The Trees Are Racist, The,...)

How do white Americans know our nation's history of racism, so intimately - and not know it - at the same damn time?
To that snark, I replied: 

"How are attacks on Asians white people's fault? How about keeping blacks so poor, for so long, that other minority groups could come into our neighborhoods - take them over and displace us - until we hate them and whites, too? Never thought of that, did you? You know why? Because Glenn Reynolds is an asshole without a clue."
And - specifically - Glenn Reynolds is an asshole without a clue about things white people have done to combine these issues (Race and transportation, with a side order of enforced Asian dominance) like Racism — and politics — in SF Redevelopment history. Get this shit:
"...In 1956 city Hall approved San Francisco’s first federally-funded redevelopment project, the Western Addition A1 Project. The city’s newly-elected Republican Mayor, George Christopher, pledged its rapid implementation."
"It,...[stopped] the northward expansion of the Fillmore’s African-American community and contain it south of Geary Street. The new eight-lane Geary Expressway was its de facto physical barrier – a symbolic moat, complete with Fillmore Street draw bridge. 

[It also] put in place a small Asian-American community buffer zone, the renewed Japantown, physically in between Black and White neighborhoods. By 1960 almost 2,000 African-Americans were displaced by the demolition of their homes along Geary Street and to its north. Yes, they were “removed” from their homes and businesses, their communities torn apart,..."
With white America's history, only idiots like Glenn Reynolds think blacks should be anything less-than-infuriated to see ANYBODY.

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