Friday, April 16, 2021

I'm Watching Oprah - The World's Biggest NewAge Spreader And Influencer Over Pseudoscience And Misinformation - Break A Family Apart (Extremely Satisfying)

And who can blame them? As these two NewAgers are allowing a follower of Shirley MacLaine to come between a family, just so she can exploit it's two youngest (and most troubled/vulnerable) members for money? That the American public sits silently by as it happens is shameful. Luckily, the British public isn't as destructive (Oprah Winfrey backlash: Meghan and Harry interview hit with over 4000 Ofcom complaints) proving not everyone is brainwashed into ignoring the ever-growing evil that is Oprah Winfrey and The NewAge Movement.

If she was corroding YOUR family, you'd see it - and hate her - too.

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