Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The Cult Shit Fools Are Dealing With That Nobody's Talking About (Are Awesome)

"Kate was the second wife of my parents’ spiritual teacher. She was forty-one when she killed herself,..."     

"People who leave a cult are faced with enormous potential for shame spirals. A shame spiral is defined here as “acting out” in defensiveness, anger, judgement and retaliation in order to avoid our own shame. Leaving a cult naturally creates the possibility of shame: We don’t want to be seen as stupid. We don’t want to be associated with systemic abuse. We don’t want to be seen as “unspiritual” or “haters”...those that speak out are painted in the worst possible ways,...anything to dissolve our credibility, to character bomb us,...gaslighting, which is the main technique of psychological abuse that I personally experienced and observed on a daily basis...Gaslighting makes you feel crazy. You cannot say anything negative...and if you do, the entire community will be used against you under spider web like influences,...This is my personal experience and observations."

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