Sunday, April 25, 2021

Homeopathy's First "Cure" Was Malaria (But It's Been Failing My Life Ever Since)

When my French wife left me for a French homeopath, with the German name "Wohlfahrt", people were happy for her - she'd met a doctor!
The fact it's unethical to leave your spouse for another person didn't bother anyone. Nor did the fact I'd done nothing to deserve abandonment. Or the fact this "doctor" was sleeping with the daughter of his patient - right after the patient died under his care AND he'd written a book saying, specifically, doctors shouldn't do that - whatever: he was a doctor, and unethical bastards wanted him to have sex!
Since then, the French, British, German, and even Indian governments (and more) are admitting homeopathy is NOT Science - which means Wohlfahrt's NOT a doctor.
Wohlfahrt is a fraud, because for over 200 years - to everyone but unethical idiots still living in The Dark Ages - homeopathy has always been just water.
So - based on the role other people played in my marriage - I'm concluding no one (but especially my wife's "friends") liked me - or her - very much. Or else they wouldn't have talked her into making us both look like total fools.

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