Thursday, April 22, 2021

NewAge Naziism Crosses Religion, Race, Cultures, Countries (And Kills The Kids)

"'Vegan' means everything that's in this Bible. I'm very wise. I'm very smart, and I read my Bible."

This black version of Marianne (the-Bible-means-what-I-say-it-means) Williamson may be wise, and may be smart, but was just not wise and smart enough to read something other than the Bible, since it was written before there was a NewAge, or a Narcissism Epidemic (which got her Bible-reading ass, hook-line-and-sinker, which is why she's flattering herself). That lack of wisdom and smarts led to her self-created-and-endorsed belief, in a self-created-and-endorsed meaning (for 'Vegan'), through her self-created-and-endorsed interpretation of the Bible, which led to a self-created-and-endorsed diet, that killed the baby she, herself created, using only her own endorsement (and that dude, who got her, probably doggy-style) to do so. 

Baby's not that wise. And she's not that smart.
But, she's also not alone. This IS an epidemic, happening in the NewAge, after all. So children are narcissism's captives:

Police asked about the boy's medical history and Shelia O'Leary said he was born at home and he had never seen a doctor. Ryan O'Leary told police that was the family's preference. 

She also said the family is vegan and only eats fruit and vegetables. The children only eat raw foods, which mainly consisted of mangoes, rambutans, bananas and avocados.

Sheila O'Leary said that she home-schools the children, but police determined they were not actively enrolled in a home-school program, according to the probable cause statement.
Enroll the kids? Surely, you jest. With actual, non-spiritual (or pseudo-religious) authorities? Why? Who else's OK do you think narcissists seek - other than their own - once they've gone full-blown? Science? Medicine?

That's not how the NewAge "works" at all. 

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