Monday, April 19, 2021

America Forgot "Freedom" Was It's Favorite Thing (Once Oprah Offered It Hers)

"The claims that organic food is safer, healthier, and better for the environment are simply false." 

I'm always forced to play Johnny Rotten, reminding San Francisco, and the left, of how they've cheated our lives: Lying in their cult marketing. Spreading misinformation and pseudoscience. To jack up even the price of food - the basic staple of life - all so they can exploit one another. This is what they were doing, long before they decided to hate Donald Trump, for doing the same. And, they've been doing it on a scale, and for a length of time, he could never imagine getting away with. Not with their eagle eyes watching.
Like good little Nazis (chanting the Hitler Youth slogan "Mind/Body/Spirit") they, too, never considered the moral implications of what they've been doing. What they have taught their children to do: They - literally - bullied an entire society, for decades, for nothing. With a dumb smile, permanently plastered on their stupid, self-satisfied, I'm-in-a-cult-and-we're-getting-our-way faces. 
They've never considered, if they have something really wrong - and it's as central to their lives and identities as organic foods - then, what else, politically, do they have wrong? And who's doing it to them? Other than themselves? 

They can't seem to grasp, they've been railing at reality, for over 30 years. And at their fellow Americans. They said we didn't eat right. That was a billion unnecessary arguments, all around the globe, organic's defenders felt compelled to have, but couldn't see, simply through rational analysis, they were incorrect about - over all this time. They should be startled by this fact. This is another tax on existence they forced on us - after the one for unnecessary recycling - just to make themselves feel better.
This self-willed ignorance (coupled with narcissism, and a willingness to push others around, if the atmosphere is made comfortable enough) is also how they get connected to other weightless cults (like homeopathy) cult rapists (like Bill Clinton, the President most responsible for unleashing all this NewAge deceit on us) and the rest of the Woo World's cult weirdness.
These are the people who we know - after all this time - are incapable of critical thought. But, simply because they bowed to authority, they were able to indict anyone who said so. For about 30, 40 years. And thus, an evil industry - and culture - were born. The NewAge.
As dogmatic, and as wrongheaded, as the fascist roots of Germany, it first sprang from.

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