Saturday, April 24, 2021

Don't Be Racist Against The White Guys (Let White Republicans Speak On Race)

I don't know about anyone else, but, I'm getting sick of the Republicans rolling out Senator Tim Scott every time they find themselves losing on race. I'm also getting sick of him being willing to do it. It's tired, and he's looking like an Uncle Tim, and it's becoming a charade, they can't maintain for very much longer, because - despite the fact I love Tim Scott - the Republican Party HAS to start recognizing blacks see Tim Scott as the distraction he's being used as: their own 2012 Republican Party election autopsy is the issue - it said they (the right, not blacks) have a race problem - and proves the necessity of someone (other than Tim Scott) now being able to "talk the talk" to the rest of America. Starting with explaining why they ignored their own 2012 Republican Party election autopsy, after all these years and all this strife.

Mitch McConnell has a solid civil rights background. Can't he defend the GOP? Can Jim Jordan suppress his rage, long enough to talk sense to people who don't look like him? Can anyone else, in the Republican Party, relate to another human being (and avoid using the word "plantation") other than Tim Scott? 

That's what's disgusting about the Republicans: They can be "the party that freed the slaves", but they aren't the party down with who they freed. They'e good at scaring the bejesus out of everybody, or disgusting us - or showing their overwhelming love and acceptance for one politician, who's more-than-a-little-too-willing to be used.

Tim Scott is NOT going to be able to cover all that up by himself.

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