Friday, April 23, 2021

Harvey Milk Raped A Man And Kidnapped A Child (But Gays Are Mad At Tucker)

Tucker Carlson condemned by LGBTQ+ activists after yearbook page goes viral is a dumb story, because everything about it (Carlson's yearbook comments, his stupid comments after they were discovered, the condemnation and outrage from gays, the newspaper articles - literally everything) is premised on the lie Dan White killed Harvey Milk for being gay - Not true: Dan White killed Harvey Milk over a betrayal Milk orchestrated, as an evil low-lifed member of the People's Temple cult. Harvey Milk helped steal an election - just like the Democrats did during our last one.

 For some reason, the fact there are people who worship that asshole-licking asshole - and the truth about him isn't being told by those claiming the moral high ground -  never gets anyone upset.

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