Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Self-Fulfilling Prophets (Selling Self-Fulfilling Prophesies - To Benefit Themselves)

"This is the age of spin. The age when nobody knows what the fuck they're even looking at." 

 - Dave Chappelle, misleading a kid in his audience (2017)
The Age of Unreason began all the way back in 2005, so it would not be unreasonable for the ignorant to lie about it, today. Lying would not only be reasonable, but should be expected. So, the Age of Unreason gets relabeled as "The Age of Spin", and we're told no one knows what they see or hear, even though (the whole point of this blog is to say) we very much can, and someone very much does.
We're also told the Age of Unreason will never end, when (we know) it would end tomorrow, if people used reason - which few are capable of - living in an age specifically dedicated to it's opposite.
The Age of Unreason would stop, if they stopped embellishing on Harvey Milk, and admitted (and accepted) he was an evil cult member who helped steal an election (and even a baby from his parents) the effects of which we're still dealing with, today.
The Age of Unreason would stop, if people would first stop supporting Bill & Hillary Clinton, and pretending he's a "pimp" - or she didn't have Kathleen Wiley's dog killed - and start acting like he's really a multiple rapist and she's been his enabler.
The Age of Unreason would stop, if fans stopped admiring Oprah Winfrey, and started holding her accountable for all the con men, quacks, and frauds she's introduced into our lives, since even before the Age of Unreason began.
It would stop, if they stopped applauding Gwyneth Paltrow, for how many times she's violated Science, and proclaimed her ignorance.
Long story short, the Age of Unreason would stop, if voters and fans stopped supporting the very people who have dedicated their professional lives to confusing and destroying us.


Which, again - I know - is a little much to expect.

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