Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm An Optical Illusion (I'm Running Backwards)

I can't keep up. Actually, that's not true - what I can't do is fall back far enough to run with the pack.

Like an African marathoner, I've been way out in front, screaming, "We should stop talking about race!" but, since I wasn't calm about it (because the discussion was about me) all it got me was doping accusations.

Now, coming up fast on my heels is Roger L. Simon, CEO of Pajamas Media, with this:
"No more race…. No more race….Am I the only one who is feeling this way? I don’t think so. In fact I rather suspect I am in a majority. If there’s one thing most of us don’t want to hear about now, whatever color we are, it’s race.

Eric Holder had it all wrong (as he does about a fair number of things these days) when he said we don’t have the courage to talk about race. It’s the reverse. We don’t have the courage to NOT talk about it."
Then, of course (and, again, showing why I'm so many steps ahead) he goes NewAge on us:
"Like monks at a Zen monastery told by their abbot to STFU until further notice, we need nothing more than a solid dose of enforced silence about race. The minute we mention the “R” word we should be clapped on the back by the abott’s hardwood stick and made to sit endless hours in the lotus position — without a cushion."
As much as I like the acknowledgment that peaceful Zen Buddhist monks say shit like "Shut The Fuck Up" - swearing being another supposed sin of mine - I swear (Ha!) the hypocrisy of how I get treated, by the important people (even conservatives) intimately familiar with the inner workings of monasteries, is galling.

You see, I've written to Simon, but he never writes back - probably because I'm an angry black kook - an angry black kook who's sick of hearing people talking about my race. I'm also sick of Americans talking about the French as a solution to our problems (they did encourage us to elect Obama, after all) but, like Shirley Sherrod trying to contact Tom Vilsack, whenever I contacted Simon, "I kept saying: 'Look at the entire thing. Look at my message,' and no one would listen. No one would listen." And he still isn't:
"There is another way to look at it: Years ago I heard about a treatment used by French psychiatrists to circumvent decades of painstaking and overpriced psychoanalysis. They would put highly troubled neurotics in the hospital and, instead of giving them the “talking cure” or some other treatment, they would just make them go to sleep for two weeks. (I’m not sure that was the precise length, but you get the idea.) When they awoke they would be all better (or close).

That’s the way I feel about race.

I know this sounds a tad sarcastic but actually I think it’s true. The best way to deal with America’s race problem at this precise moment in history is to shut up about it. Everybody. Including me."
Good idea, Monsieur. And, with all due respect, eat my dust.

Another popular topic with Pajamas Media and I has been the culture war. Dr. Helen Smith once asked:
"Where is Conservative Culture? Is there no creativity today among those who lean right? If so, where can you find it?"
Needless to say, I answered in the comments - twice - trying anything to be part of this, but the result was the sound of crickets.

So much for blacks taking initiative.

It doesn't matter to PJM that I'm a conservative who's been repeatedly called a musical genius, or that it's liberals - the very people whose minds we're trying to change - who gave me that designation. No, what matters is that the best artist to start the conservative's cultural revolution kow-tow to their behavior code in my writings:

A code they themselves break whenever they feel like it.

Now don't get me wrong - I love Pajamas Media and Roger L. Simon (hate the hat, though) Dr. Helen and Glenn Reynolds, etc. - but they make me tired.

Like Pajamas Media, I fight the good fight for conservatism, but, along with that, I also have been fighting, almost broke and alone, against the scourge of NewAge, cultism, misandry, race, the culture war, and more, and it's draining.

Some days I honestly feel like I can't go on.

Nobody is but, if you ask me, that's the only reason why anybody even appears to be catching up.

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