Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Glenn Reynolds' Message: We Need To Get In The Black

I just looked over at Reynolds and he's got this link working - with the word "racists" in caps:
RACISTS: Back in Congress, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats applaud Rep. Allen West’s defeat….

Ooh, those damned Democrats are crowing at the political demise of an enemy - and that makes them racists! How dare they? It just makes Glenn so mad he'll say anything! He put all his support behind Allen West and Mia Love and they still lost. Boo-hoo. I've already told you what makes me mad:

With the exception of Colin and Condy, Republicans keep bringing up individual black people the rest can't stand.

But Glenn won't link to that. So his readers can't consider it. 
And then, maybe, get mad at Glenn - or even themselves - for being so insular.

No, they're fine - it's just those evil Democrats!

In other words, curses - foiled again...