Saturday, December 1, 2012

Natural Born Killers


  1. Sad part about that article EBL is that some good ideas like having kids learn to make things and a more active/physical work environment in the classroom setup is only being used in conjunction with crazy ass spirituality bullshit.
    I used to be a teacher, and I hate the way classrooms are set up and conducted -- its boring, kids miss out on learning valuable and interesting life skills...and it gets more and more like this the further down the economic ladder you go -- an inner city or back of beyond rural school is a horrible, depressing place (and we wonder why nobody wants to stay in the them).
    Then we wonder why our education system is so screwed up (but we won't go for the simple fix, and we won't go for one which doesn't involve some sort of "spiritual" slant -- left or right; we'd rather have our kids dumb and rebellious than not indoctrinated).
    Easier to blame the kids or somebody else that way.