Sunday, December 16, 2012

Why Is A Word Like "Crazy" O.K. - Except When I Say It?

Sure, Chris Rock Was Right, but The Crack Emcee

 I don't exist to my fellow bloggers, or if I do (since I'm not a liberal comedian) I'm beyond the pale,...


  1. I honestly don't know anymore: I'm not sure the crazy kids are the ones we need to worry about.

    Just got an automated call from the school district super: safety lockdown and K9 search at the district schools today...imagine that.
    Now mind you, the old man and I have been able on occasion to walk right into the school, and we've even mentioned that to the school; heck, our two kids in elementary school walked out the front door and started to go home (which fortunately they have the forebearance and knowledge to know how to get there as well as the ability to know that the school isn't watching them) -- and that school has done nothing but get pissy with us.
    But drill!

    Who are they trying to kid? And they wonder why I get mad? Well, quit zoomin' me; quit this petty play acting bullshit...maybe then I can respect you.


    **and I'm in a "conservative" school district with a fair number of teachers and townspeople pushing for CC in the schools...I personally believe in firearm use; I love shooty things...but how can I trust these idiots with guns if they are that damn dumb? How?

  2. ...and then there's the yammering about "this happened because God isn't allowed in the schools"...brought to you and me by the people who would also like to "lock the kooks up" (whoever the kooks are, and by whatever means of incarceration I guess these Godful folks deem appropriate...I wonder if it would be anything like what Adolf and friends did? or other such lovely, open minded societies have in the past -- and to keep me from going full Godwin?).

    It's enough to turn me into an atheist out of protest at the hypocrisy and the stupid.


  3. And by all means, we have to watch out for those "crazy kids"; everyone knows those "crazy kids" are ticking time bombs, every last one of them -- like rabid pitbulls!

    I'm sorry, but I worked with LD kids, most of them were not a danger to anyone, some were a danger to themselves, and yeah, some were dangerous -- there's a lot of different levels, shades, and situational things that crop up, and no, autism isn't a mental illness (which seems to be the thing jumped on right now by all the right people); I do think that this shooter, who was autistic, was handled by his parents (and a society that is sticking up for the parents because, hey, they are beautiful people after all) in a way that would definitely bring out the worst (and on top of it since when do you give somebody who may not have full grasp of reality or judgement of right from wrong access to your freak arsenal? who really was "the crazy one" here? who?).
    I'm touchy about this, because I know some of those kids, and when assholes are saying stuff like this:
    "We need to find a humane way to remove these people from society for our own good and theirs as well. : [courtesy of Ace o Spades DrewM]
    Then I don't like where it's going, ok? slippery slope and all that, no matter how much he equivocates after, this was the meat of his pudding as it were, and I read it loud and clear