Monday, December 24, 2012

It's So Hard To Be Normal Being "Out There" Is A Peach

As "spiritual battles" go, Christianity's getting it's butt kicked because (let's face it) there's just too much there to work with - especially if you're nursing a Freddie Mercury fetish.

No, Hell is filled to overflowing, and the spillover ain't looking to "attain" the status of angels playing harps on clouds.

But then again (let's face it - again) it's never been easier to Dance With The Devil:

What these fine folks don't understand is, either way, they're still playing the game - they're "spiritual" - and atheists ain't got time for that.

No, to this atheist, the "spiritual" are even more of a problem than the ordinary religious believer, since they're just as apocalyptic (as we've seen) but also feel entitled, knowing few are connecting the dots to their particular collection of "faiths."

That was a "Mayan Apocalypse" we just witnessed - not a NewAge prophesy, right?

Slippery little fuckers that way,...

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