Friday, December 21, 2012

If You Were Caught Up In A Cult, Would You Want Help?

I've been working all night and, on two hours sleep, started looking at nursing homes for my friend this morning - which, at least, makes it feel like Doomsday. But, as far as today's NewAge prophecy is concerned, I submit this quote from a retired construction worker who lives in the shadow of Pic de Bugarach, the mountain in France "which some say will open on the last day and aliens will emerge with spaceships to save nearby humans." He said:
“For the past 50 years I have wandered over every single inch of that mountain, I know every rock, nook and cranny and everything what has been said about Le Pic de Bugarach is nothing but lies. Whoever started this rumour about Bugarach three years ago is a liar and all those who have followed him ever since are crooks.”

Here's another, from the Chinese government, which - in light of what some see as China's heavy-handed response - seems to elicit chuckles and dismay:
"The end of the world is not to be believed. The cult has evil intentions in lying about it. They cheat you out of money, lure you into the cult, and once you are in the trap you will be accompanied by misfortunes."

For instance, in response, The Telegraph, UK's Tom Phillips says:
"'You will be accompanied by misfortunes'? For all their faults, let it not be said the Chinese authorities are not eloquent. Bit difficult to take the moral high ground after you've arrested nearly 100 people for 'spreading rumours' though isn't it?"

Clearly, the man has never had to deal closely with cult-related issues - especially where loved ones are concerned. (Nor does he have a thing against outright fraud.) He assumes, I think, the Chinese can reason with sharks, or we should just let the disruptive "liars" and exploitive "crooks" continue.

What's a little "crazy" in someone else's life, right?

As long as it's not yours,...

I've returned to People's Temple member Deborah Layton's words more times than I can count:  
"...Nobody joins a cult. You join a self-help group, a religious movement, a political organization. They change so gradually, by the time you realize you're entrapped - and almost everybody does - you can't figure a safe way back out...."
That, my friends, is truly the end of the world,…

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  1. Of course...but cults are something I'm already trapped, snared, surrounded by and even if I wanted it, there is no help to be had really, or very freaking little. Everybody is a bit on their own...and "yolo" lololo!

    For instance: the Chinese gov't. warns of a dangerous cult (and by remarkable coincidence, the dangerous cult warns of the Chinese gov't.), there are even arrests made (and maybe some protests made as well) to keep the public "safe"...but essentially this is just two rival gangs fighting over the same turf -- just like it is everywhere else, just like it ever was.
    It's so pervasive that everybody has to go along with it to some point; everybody has to make their deal between the devil and the deep blue about the only resistance a person can have to it is to know it's there and acknowledge it....try to live with yourself in context to this rather shitty position one finds oneself in.