Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tail (It's Embarrassing,...)

Now that I'm caring for a seriously delusional friend, what passes for normal behavior is coming into even better focus than usual. Especially the way people impulsively fill holes in their knowledge with nonsense, thinking they're clever, and growing angry when caught out. I'm now thinking that's when they're least human because, clearly, it's when they've forgotten one of the most important aspects of any mature person's self-identity - something we honestly should grapple with each and every day:

 We're only animals.

And not very bright ones at that,…

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  1. Ha, yeah...monkeys to be precise (and along with Tarantino and Stone movies, I'm not a big fan of monkeys -- I had to take care of some once, nasty bastards; they'll pee and poop on you for reasons only known to themselves -- they'll also cannibalize their young, but then that isn't so uncommon in the animal world). Monkeys without the perceptual powers of our lesser animal amigos.

    It's sometimes a hard thing to live with (especially for a person who really doesn't like monkeys in the first place), and the easy, fun way out would be to find a way to separate ourselves, but it's the truth and the sooner we come to terms with it, the better off we'll be.
    Chimps in space suits; apes with iPhones; fucking nasty, disgusting, moronic troglodytes who just happen to have lucked out with thumbs and thus vacumn cleaners -- nothing more, nothing less.


    *and that's not to say I have a much higher opinion of the rest of life on this planet -- Mother Nature is a big old bitch, and wilderness ain't a Disney scene populated by Bambi and Thumper; I know enough about that to know the truth of it too...the universe and I have a love-hate relationship!