Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Little Advice From The Worst Republican In The World

I'm telling you, it's really become a thing now - look at this quote:
"That might be cynical and reckless, but it’s reality."

Yes indeed, it is reality. It's back. Existence, parsed with Occum's Razor, until nothing but bone.

Meanwhile, leading with the words "Look, I don’t even know anymore," Hot Air's Mary Katharine Ham reports the "Nation that re-elected Obama wants more spending cuts than tax hikes, still hates Obamacare."

 To which I reply, Boy, they must've really hated Romney, huh?

Of course, Ham doesn't come to that conclusion (the sub-head to her column is "Schizo-nation" - as though it is we who "don’t even know anymore") and leaves her piece trying to scrape together some dignity with this:
Another redemptive data point for those who say nominating the one guy who couldn’t effectively argue against ObamaCare was a mistake. For the record, I agreed with that assessment, but also was unconvinced others didn’t have equal liabilities. 
As the conventional wisdom has it, we are a nation divided— perhaps into multiple personalities.

Well, considering she clearly doesn't know (or want to know) what she doesn't know, I'd say "multiple personalities" might explain Ham, anyway - especially when coupled with conventional wisdom.

Oh, and about those "others" with "equal liabilities," our poor Sarah Palin has blown it - passed on her moment - and is now also losing her footing as the sands shift beneath her feet. My advice:

Kick back, Sarah.

You backed Romney. 

It won't undue goodwill, but it's enough to put you (temporarily?) on the other side of the ledger.

The Good Ol' Boys had nothing for you - let them go down, without you, too,…

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  1. She should have told them to get stuffed and that been that (it would have kept her from losing it, which I fear she has) -- the same advice was for Allen West as well, and he has gotten Palin-ized as well as Palin. Oh well...if you can't learn to tell the group that's fucking you to fuck off, then maybe you just weren't all that to begin with in my books.

    As for the pundits...meh, they're still in mutual appreciation, echo chamber cloud cuckoo land, with 40% more denial still in effect...reading some of their stuff is...interesting to say the least -- there's probably at least a couple good psychiatry and/or sociology papers to be had in there for some enterprising college underclassman.

    Hey, saw this and thought of you:

    Now that was a headline that I thought would warm the cockles of your heart friend; I haven't had a chance to go over it thoroughly, but I hope the article lives up to the promise found in the headline.