Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Arguments Are Well-Reasoned (And Totally Fucked)

See, if I was a Sex Slave Dungeon Master Forcing Women To Kill One Another (I question the word "forcing") or part of an Amish Mafia (I question the word "Amish") or a Rabbi in a strict Jewish sect who 'forced a 12 year-old girl to perform oral sex' (I question the word "Rabbi") or even just a Mormon with a rape room (No questions there) I most certainly wouldn't tell anybody.

1 comment:

  1. There actually is an "Amish mafia" (but it's likely nothing at all like what that tv show is portraying...the promos look hokey).

    That's what we call the Amish kids that go a little crazy with liking the very high life on their Rumspringa and wind up doing/selling/muling drugs (usually crack, meth, moonshine, and pot around here). Since they usually hang all together and jack things for drug money (or hooker money; they go the way of the flesh fairly regularly too) as a group...Amish mafia.


    *but I've never heard of any secret group of gun toting vigilante Amish