Saturday, December 22, 2012

Stop Or I'll Shoot (I Wouldn't Need A Donation Banner,...)

Let me state, for the record, I'm against gun control.

I'm for gut control.

Everybody getting a grip.

I'm an American and that's the American way:

Define the parameters of "normal" and then work outward.

World-wide, we haven't really been doing that.

If you think about it, between Mitt Romney's NewAge election and the latest NewAge Change To Change All Changes, Western society's taken a few punches to the intellectual solar plexus.

Or do you want to treat it like sex, and keep screaming, "Oh My God!"?

Some women fake that, BTW.

I have and it's funny.

Like how the NewAgers appropriated the Maya.

Hilariously "spiritual."

The Maya were like WTF?

Nobody hardly said anything. And notice - while everyone's been glad to warn us End Of The World predictions will go on - what they're not mentioning is NewAge prophesies will, too.

Everybody's just one yoga mat away from each other.

And so is the damage they cause.

Oh, Shhh! (I learned, during the Romney campaign, that's not a topic we talk about,…)

I wonder - between Harold Camping's two predictions and this Maya nonsense - how many people lost their lives, their minds, their fortunes, etc., while everybody else stood around and laughed?

Nor is it compassionate, or humble, or empathetic, or helpful, considering - in some instances - we are talking about some serious mental illness.

"This country gives advantages to groups that define themselves as a religion."

NewAge is a cult movement that knows nothing, and - like Oprah - all we've witnessed was a manifestation of it's power to influence.

News reports, people traveling, making purchases, pilgrimages, "preppers," acting out YOLO fantasies, and what have you, along with the pointless, useless - meaningless - reaction to it all.

Don't get me wrong - a few were fine.

Take my word for it - if guns were the problem - surely, I would've shot somebody by now,…

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