Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Not Coming Undone: The Great S&M Amusement Corp.

"A federal court in Indiana has rejected atheists’ requests to preside at wedding ceremonies, saying only clergy or public officials are licensed to solemnize marriages."

How a feminist debate was derailed by asking all men to leave

Christian student union bans women from speaking at its events unless they are MARRIED

Middle-class children are at risk of anxiety disorders because parents shelter them 
from the harsh reality of life

And - oh yeah - remember The Daily Mail headline from a few days ago, that said From free love and sexual liberation to vegetable patches and $3 a day living costs: Inside America's oldest hippie commune? Well, did the guy who wrote Nat King Cole's "Nature Boy" give us the perfect quote to go with it, or what?
"I live on $3 a week. That's what vegetables, fruits and nuts cost me."

Ye Old Hippie Counter-Culture - almost as regimented as the military,…

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  1. Sexual Liberation was a great con game on women. Women are naturally circumspect of having a guy enter the holiest hole, and for good reason. A few days of happiness for the guy can end up with 9 months and years of child-rearing (too bad Uncle Sam/the Golden God Obama is trying to shut down those barriers).

    Meanwhile, whatever happened to the greatness of black musicians? Really, rap? What a disgrace. Sorry if you find that offensive, Crack, I have no idea. But to me, rap, while my brother finds redeeming qualities in it, is mostly a piece of stinky shit. Unworthy.