Tuesday, December 18, 2012

According To The Maya,…Pt. II

"We kill people in schools. We kill them in hospitals. We kill them in religious organizations. We kill them when they're young. We kill them when they're old. And we've just got to stop this...."

I couldn't agree more, but first, look at the places it's said people are being killed:
"...Nobody joins a cult. You join a self-help group, a religious movement, a political organization. They change so gradually, by the time you realize you're entrapped - and almost everybody does - you can't figure a safe way back out...."
-- Deborah Layton, Survivor of Jim Jones' People's Temple

And second - who's "we," Kemosabe? I seem to be confused, in your mind, with somebody else:
A hairdresser who says she can hear what people's pets are 'saying' is being paid up to £100 a time by worried owners. 
Real-ife Dr Dolittle Mandy Carr, 39, claims to have an unusual affinity with animals that helps her know what they are 'saying' or feeling. 
Mrs Carr, from Sheffield, says she can even channel messages from dead pets, and claims to have helped diagnose a dog in Australia with kidney problems. 
She says she first discovered her gift at 20 when she was cutting someone's hair and heard an unusual voice begging for a treat. 
She said: 'When I realised it was my client's dog, it scared me half to death. I didn't know if I was normal or mad."

No, unlike Louise Hay, The Mother Of NewAge (above) The Crack Emcee is not one of those "open-minded" ladies we can hear so much from:
I am one of the many people — sensible people, many of them women! — who naturally withdraw from the political debate. It's just not worth it. Life is short, and much of it is beautiful and full of love. I want to go somewhere else.

No, unlike them, I can't run from reality. As The Crack Emcee, I say - except for drugs - there's nothing and nowhere out there, for skeptics, forced to stare into the abyss, concerned about fantasists and their affect. We simply have to live with you - until you change.

There are no news stories of our struggles - until you make sure the worst occurs.

No real help on the way.

Instead - on a day-to-day basis - it's insisted we, too, accept living in a feminized FantasyLand:
“What concerns me is the cultlike devotion,...without the examination of the evidence.”
-- Adam Grant, a professor of industrial psychology at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, who - despite being an academic - could be talking about almost anything in today's society.

I am one of a few who recoils, ridicules, and attacks the all-too-common scenes of "cultlike devotion" online.

And I'm ridiculed for it, on a daily basis, while NewAgers continue to work at redefining the world - insisting we live in a world of "beauty and love" while NewAge "works" behind the scenes - and it's followers pretend they're more normal than the average nut job.

That may be true, but still ain't saying much,...

...Whether they have the cover of being promoted by Glenn Reynolds (another NewAger) or Oprah Winfrey - that's the game to keep it going:
Even though I'm read (and ignored) by some pretty big bloggers - some of the biggest - their disdain for me (because I nail them for things like quackery) means, long after I'd first mentioned it, Slate beats everyone else to the punch: 
Why Is Romney Campaigning on Medical Quackery?  
Oh, I don't know (and for the record, the "Blogfather," Glenn Reynolds, is definitely not troubled by it) though it's probably because Romney's wife, Ann Romney, is also a fan of, amongst other nonsense, The One Quackery To Rule Them All. 
I mean, once you've gone that far "out there," anything is possible. Compared to homeopathy, Romney's love for the pseudoscience of "cold fusion" even seems tame - until you add all of his other screwy "beliefs" together with it - and then you're stuck with the portrait of a serious whackjob. 
But, as Ann Romney is so fond of saying, we are so LUCKY to have weirdos like them running to lead our country. 
Yes, electing another - and even bigger - NewAge head case to the highest office in the land seemed to be the Right's plan all along, much to my dismay: 
And Glenn Reynolds - The Right's Great Informer - has still said nothing.

And that's never been about guns. 

 To be cont'd,...

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