Sunday, December 9, 2012

Guerrilla (Don't Start,...)

We've made it, all the way to the 21st Century, just to discover we're lost.

Good/bad, right/wrong, up/down, it's all the same now.

And, if it isn't, "I don't care" will work as a fall back.

As a friend recently wrote, "I got jam in my knees, and I'm ready to spread..."

No, I've decided I cannot explain how absolutely fucking profound those words were in context.

Like all good things, you had to be there, but we're here where shit's not improving.

But how can it?

Here's Sergeant Randy Fincham, a Vancouver Police spokesman, on psychics:

“Prosecutors would have to be able to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the ‘bad guy’ doesn’t actually have these powers and … I don’t even know how you’d go about proving that.”

Folks, that's the level we're working with here.

I mentioned he's a Sergeant in a real live Police Dept., didn't I?

Yet his hands are tied.

You can see that, can't you?

So much of it centered on baby making, it felt oddly retro — not in a good way — L.A. New Age earnestness further dulling its edge.

But it should be as clear as the nose on your face.

It's a grey area, where we have to see all sides, and if people are preying on others - you understand.

"I got jam in my knees, and I'm ready to spread..."

Did you see American Glob's list of Five Bloggers I’d Like To See On FOX News?

I wasn't one of them and it kills me.

Because it means I'd have to see and hear more tired bullshit if I even watched FOX News.

Part of the overall problem can be summed up by this question:

Don't these fools realize they just lost an easily winnable election?

Why would anyone keep listening to the same lames?

The winds of change should be blowing.

Again and again.

But, to be honest, I ain't hearing any of it,


  1. The reason Romney lost was because he really was a terrible candidate (and honestly, he isn't a nice guy -- get over that delusion and a lot of conservative/Republicans will be just that much better off; quit Mitt myth-making; the guy's whitebread, squeaky clean image is a mirage...and you know what following mirages will get you).
    A lot of voters picked up on that vibe -- people weren't that thrilled with Obama, but something about Romney turned them off (and yeah, that 47% comment was a good example: you don't snark off half the electorate like that, and above all else you certainly don't say it -- stupid and jackass'd is no way to go through life son).

    So, if people will just admit that 1)Mitt wasn't really all that good nor was he all that good; 2)they completely threw away their principles, not only to conservatism but to decency and the truth, to bang the pot for team red's boy (and their own benefit within the herd)...and guess what? it didn't work, then we'd all probably be a lot better off.

    Instead, people are still playing the delusion game, still pissed at people pointing out the doors, still casting around for somebody anybody but themselves to blame, and are falling right into lockstep with the professional weirdos(which most people expect to be weirdos, thus it's quite the shock when the side that supposed to be reasonable and adult goes all weird...perhaps another problem???).


    And could somebody please explain to me how that Korean dude got so damn popular? Other than marketing sleight of hand on really dumb, bored people? That freaking song is obnoxious like the Fishheads song without the half the wit and screwy good humor of Dr. Demento.
    Hmm, maybe if I apply how I think about Romney and Barry I can find my own answer...ok, check, think I got it now...jeesh.