Thursday, November 19, 2020

A Curse In Miracles

She was once an ignorable, everyday, fruitcake, translating the ravings of a dead lunatic, who'd re-interpreted the Bible for the NewAge.

But then, Bill cheated with Monica, so Hillary needed a chat. And she got one, with Eleanore Roosevelt, amongst others.

And then - hearing about that wonderful experience - when Oprah got in a tight spot, she also needed a chat. Hillary recommended her "spiritual advisor" (whatever THAT is) and, of course, Oprah would promote anyone who could talk to Eleanore, sooo,...

Next, she became known as a "Chatty Cathy," and, naturally, that means you-know-who will come calling. But never with any difficult questions about the NewAge Movement's larger "occult" ambitions, or anything like that.

This leads to delusions of grandeur - and, of course, the political stage. If she's gonna advise world leaders and international celebrities, she might as well forget them and run things. 

Until exactly what kind of bullshit, Hillary Clinton and Oprah Winfrey were buying, was eventually revealed.

Leaving with her, now, with us - and she won't shut-up - even though we can't STAND to hear shit out of her.

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