Monday, November 23, 2020

The Democrat Party (Born Under A Bad Sign)

It seems pretty stunning, that a former Secretary of State, within 24 hours of conceding an election, could and would do something that tied up the world for four years, KNOWING her own boss had already launched an FBI investigation that would do the same to an incoming administration, and - after all that, an impeachment, and more - the other party STILL acts like they haven't a clue why no one can trust them, the election process, or much of anything, anymore. Ah, the NewAge, it's wonderful. 
Hillary Clinton was calling President Donald Trump "illegitimate" as late as 2019. Somehow, her supporters missed (or are too-ready to dismiss) that, too, so it doesn't seem out of line, to do the same, though, admittedly, it may be more-than-a-little late:
Never forget, Former President Bill Clinton branded his own wife as "illegitimate" - along with any claim to ethics on the part of The Democrat Party - a long, long time ago. So all we can do, now, is agree to it.

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