Thursday, November 19, 2020

Sleepwalking Through History

Every time Joe Biden asks "What The Hell's The Matter With These Guys?" I have to wonder if The Democrat Party elected someone going senile. I mean, Jim Jordan and I saw four years of lying, that "Sleepy Joe" somehow missed. But how - AFTER FOUR YEARS OF IT? His party is suffering "one spectacular defeat" after another - but the President, leading the charge, supposedly loses - and they don't think anyone should be suspicious. THAT'S SUSPICIOUS to any normal person. "What The Hell's The Matter With These Guys?" Your party's notorious lack of ethics, that's what.
The Democrats regularly break their own rules, give short-shrift to the positive, and rely on outdated tactics that only serve to piss other people off further. And, even when it's pointed out to them, they either act like they still don't see it, or continue doing it anyway. And then - just when make you believe in firing squads again - they tell you to be nice. For the good of the nation. Even though, what else could their my-way-and-nothing-else attitude lead to, but fighting? ("The lesson is to energetically cultivate 'Fuck You'")
Folks, The Democrat Party is dealing with NewAge fanatics (who still don't grasp Traditional Chinese Medicine ain't real) and - because the NewAge cult is so embedded in our culture now - even many of their members may not know it.
If more are just as blind as "Sleepy Joe".

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